Adding a Contact Form to your site

A common requirement for many websites is a simple "Contact Us" or "Feedback" form.

By default, madCMS comes with such a form, but instead of it automatically appearing on a menu, you need to add it in as a special link.

This provides maximum flexibility for you to put the form anywhere on your site, including on the menu.

The link for the contact form is: pageDisplay.php?module=contact

When submitted, the content of the form is automatically eMailed to the admin eMail account for your site.

Linking to the Contact Form

To link to the Contact Form from the content of one of your site's webpages, simple add the link as a standard hyperlink using the "link" button (the little chain symbol) on the WYSIWYG editor.

Adding the Contact Form to the Menu

To have the Contact Form appear as a choice on the menu, first create a new page, then add the Contact Form URL in the "Submenu URL Link" field.

Add a submenu URL link


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